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Ich wünsche Ihnen einen klugen und Gewinn bringenden Umgang mit Ihrer Zeit und Ihren beruflichen und sonstigen Aufgaben.

Remember, it´s money time, but ...

Time is Money?
By the way, the above isn´t all I have to say about time and money. You know the saying “time is money." Time is time, and money is money. If somebody can turn his or her activities (consuming time) into a financial income, the saying is right. If somebody is killing time with a nonsense activity only it is not. In that situation, time is zero, or even negative money, although there is an activity too.

If my activity creating this web page leads to an increased income (after having paid back all the bonuses ;-) I can say my action has been transformed into money, and that cost me money time. Even if the turnover of my book sales is behind the amount of bonuses, my time was negative money – a debt. But jokes apart.

Now, when there is money time, it means “(suitable) action is money."
Spending much time to work at a new business, and to invest a lot of time to get to know a business partner can turn into money if done cleverly. However, this too is based on an activity. The term time is money as an excuse for a hurry turns out to be a great misunderstanding and used often by people that want to avoid uncomfortable (however, maybe even profitable) activities. Certain things need their time.

Are you an office machine?
Of course within a production process sometimes the cumulation of a fraction of seconds can lead to a tremendous time saving, that in turn is used to produce more products and thus gives the chance to sell more of it. As a consequence this time is really converted into money.

In an office environment with substantial decision demand and brain work, we do normally not act like a production line, although chiefs often dream of such a situation. If we try to perform like an assembly line, we risk wearing out. We possibly have saved a lot of time.

However, staying away sick from work is a time that costs money too. Because we are no machines, saving time the same way hardly can be efficient if we take into account the whole working process in an office.

It is proven by studies, working like a machine with subsequent burn out and rehabilitation leads to a financial deficit; in the long run for you and your employer.

Yes, time is abs(money) ,
if we think of it as value free, as a mathematical absolute value, carrying either a plus or a minus. If it is money time in your profession, it depends on the whole chain of activities, whether your time - pardon – activities transform into positive money.

Action is abs(money)!
The careful choice of activities decides over plus or minus. In this final “Formula," time is not important; it is even not present! Only if you can multiply your activities in a given time span (without any negative consequences in the future) money time comes into account.

However, I not yet met an office worker, that could even increase his or her output in time by 50%. If this were possible under the above-mentioned criteria, there must be something wrong or this guy found a wonder-method or had an inferior time management so far and is now using TAO Timing ;-)

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