Is time management wasting your time?

Many current time management concepts are not able to fulfill the requirements of dynamic work. Life is too busy today to allow elaborated methods to be used in either case. Agility is the demand of business more than ever.

  • Nobody can manipulate time!
  • You only can control yourself
  • You should NOT operate your time management system

This website focuses on angles of view, that reveal new possibilities to get your work under control by using basic methods and personalized tool sets only.

Are you still stressed despite of using a special work management approach?

Is output greater than input?
You cannot really fix a certain yield when controlling time. Nevertheless the question remains: Does a specific method pay off? Are you wasting time when managing it? To serve a system means to spend time to put it into operation. It diminishes productivity if time balance is not positive.

Looking at the time yield and time needed when serving a special approach against complexity revealed some relaxing insight into more comfortable and simpler ways of managing your work.
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In many real and practical cases more complex management advice is ironically a hidden time waster if not properly applied.

Does categorizing for example yield more time than it consumed? Is output>input? Nothing against complex solutions – but not necessarily in each individual working environment.

Success with minimal Time Management
When investigating how managers, enterprisers, and office worker manage their time, I found, that many only scantly use time management methods regularly and nonetheless are successful.

You too will always be a step ahead, if you limit yourself to a nimble and working tool and only pick the most useful additional tips that support your work. You may expect an improved occupational satisfaction if you work with your self composed toolset and feeling and thinking harmonize.

TIME MANAGEMENT (TM) is a tool - nothing more.
This Website provides you with the logic foundation and selected information for making TM your valet.

A critical look
Current concepts investigated in the web cannot fully answer the question:

What is the relevance of TM related aspects
for really saving time at work?

Furthermore analysing my own habits and those of many people in stressful working environments revealed:

A sane balance of nonlinear and linear behaviour, when managing their time seems to be the secret to cope with today´s highly dynamic business life.
But most of the investigated concepts showed to be linear and quite inflexible in most dynamic working environments.

A dynamic management method demands

  • ease of use
  • clear overview over scope of application and limits.
  • concise solutions that yield a plain, basic and approved structure.

  • No intricate study
  • No suffocating rules
  • No cumbersome hardware

Reassessed time management use at most should avoid as much time as possible and stress from serving the system. As any other method of course it requires stringent consequence, to be successful.
It is all about “getting things done” – the perfect slogan by David Allen.
Implementing is another issue.

Compare a wristwatch and its watch strip. As an accessory it enhances the use of a wristwatch. But alone cannot tell you the time. The watch without strip - as basic element - fulfills its function even without strip.

So time saving tips and methods only work within a fundamental framework and not vice versa.e.g. knowing how to shorten telefone calls best is superfluous if you miss scheduling. Being able to schedule with bad telefone habits isn’t advicable, but works.

Besides the above demands, as regards content, a good system naturally has only one goal:

Saving time and cutting stress.
Unfortunately there exists no formula that is able to calculate time profit in the real world, so we have to believe the experts, or try another approach.

A possible formula
Finding an answer anyhow can be to ask:

  • What do I really need to manage MY time?
  • What is the benefit, if I use a specific method?
  • What will happen, if I don’t use a complex system?
  • Try it simpler!

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”
Albert Einstein

Target groups and typical users

  • General office management Jobs
  • Sales People
  • College students
  • Entrepreneurs

When studying this website you will experience, that you “produce time” and cut stress if you have been loaded so far with complex methods or didn’t manage time anyhow. You loose the fear of having forgotten important tasks. Your working days will end more and more relaxed.

I guess the bare basics suffice in nearly any situation, where you want to control time with optimum output and minimal service time.
You barely will find a ready made system, that fits your special needs perfectly.

Focus on results and your goals and start adapting your way of controlling time. Remove what shapes up as superfluous and add really viable components.
According to the 80 20 rule: 20% of your effort (managing time nonlinearly) likely causes 80% of the desired effect.

But one caveat:
This site may alter your habits dealing with time radically. You possibly never will see this topic with the same eyes as before!

The information herein is my opinion and expertise only.

About the Author 
Ron.H. I am a Coach, Strategic Consultant and Project Manager, big on practise, love doing anything, that gives life orientation to entrepreneurial people for nearly a quarter century. As an experienced time management user - no theorizer - I am using my own “wisdom” every day.

My intention is to rethink job related aspects among other things from a practical point of view, and I like to develop and publish helpful ideas.
I would be glad if the information herein can contribute to more harmony in your life.

Good time
Ron, Chronosoph

“… to place your ideas and dreams before the crowd is to risk their love … only one who risks is free.”

Anon, an excerpt

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