Goal setting is boosting
your time management

When thinking about goal setting and what are personal goals, I first came across some questions:

What are goals?
Am I ill, if I do not have a big goal?
Why should we set goals?
What is a wish, what is a goal?

Why do so many articles and websites point to the theme goals as one of the most important issues of a good time management? As I pointed to in the TAO Timing ebook time management can be quite independent of setting goals, if it is important to survive the current working day or week. Naturally even this is a goal, however, the common meaning of goals is some greater outcome of our efforts.

Goals are not necessarily a precondition of time management. The achievement of objectives should use tm as an aid, in order to use our time resources most efficiently.

Levels of goal setting
There are certain levels of goals. Maybe you set materially related goals, like having a car by the end of the year or making a big journey next summer, or smaller, also material wishes. Goals of personal development, like attaining a higher position in your company or reaching a successful own business have possibly mixed causes consisting of monetary benefits and social recognition.

Some goals are quite easily to reach because they are tiny. However, sometimes even bigger goals will be reached with comparably minor effort, whereas other people have to put massive energy into their “Goal work."

Why do many people fail reaching goals?
If a certain goal is no real prompting of your heart, you will fail to formulate a goal, that you will successfully reach. If you do not already strive against a bigger goal, then you do not come up with a goal just like that.

Many goal-related articles are suggestive of setting goals as a matter of minutes. What is first? The deep wish to set any goal or a profound desire to reach or accomplish something really known? From where a burning desire arises maybe is an equally abyssal secret. Setting goals as an end in itself doesn’t work sustaining. I state you will hop from one goal to the next, never reaching any of it.

I know people, enthusiastic stepping with a will towards a new project, but as soon, as they see something more interesting, they drop this project unfinished and start the next one, that also will not find a completion.

How to set a goal?
Because working at a goal probably takes a lot of your lifetime, and hopefully will determine an even greater portion of your life, setting goals should be an attentive undertaking and must not be as an aside.

One possible approach to find a satisfying meaning in your life as a goal, is the strength analysis of the bottleneck focused strategy
(EKS ®).

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