Time Manager by passion

Ronald Hell *), "Time Manager" by passion,

born 1951, living in Austria. Married with wife Antje since 1973. Two “kids” - daughter Melanie and son Peter. 22 years been Product Manager for electronic semiconductor devices and computer products. Since 1995 coach & strategy-consultant. Project Leader at an Austrian Management Development Organization, managing a human resource business aid program. Currently retired with a bunch of activities.

Central motto:
Guiding people from their human potential to their potential as human.

Education and working experience
5 years Management-Training-Program (Inner Teamwork/Dr. Müri& Partner AG, Hamburg/Zürich). EKS® - Strategy Training (Evolution Conform Strategy) 15 years member of the Strategie Forum e.V. BRD, Systemic Coaching (Insa Sparrer).

Hobbies, interest, passions (besides asking uncomfortable questions to find new answers):
Photography, piano music, isle of Cres (Croatia), Sunday sailing, hiking, religions. Kahuna Wisdom (see below: "What I am currently studying")

A Life Changing Decision
In April 2008 I came to one of my best decisions in life, thinking about publishing my experience with the management of my time. Having created a website about life orientation and job issues I knew the world of web design as a mere user without much knowledge about the techie stuff.

After stumbling over some (thanks god only very few) get rich quick sites I discovered www.sitesell.com. After checking the excellent info material, two weeks later I ordered the SBI package (Site Build it!) at an unbelievable price.

Since then I have created what you may check here with www.time-management-use.com.

The most important gain has been a tremendous time saving – an ideal coincidence of my theme “time management” and the means to publish it.

At a very limited time per week besides my family and a full time job I would not yet come so fast so far. My goal is to market the collected experience about how we can use our time together with an astonishing new method of prioritizing tasks.

What I am currently studying:

"Clearing your Lifepath through Kahuna Wisdom" by Allan P. Lewis
"Living in Harmony through Kahuna Wisdom" by Allan P. Lewis
"Hawaiian Magic" Clark Wilkerson
"Hawaiian Mysticism" Charlotte Berney

The first two books are out of print, however I would sell a copy. You may get info via my contact page.

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*) Don't panic, in German "Hell" means light, bright

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