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The purpose of this free e-book
First, I apologize. You will not find this combined term anywhere: easytasking. It is a perfect companion of the well known and quite controversial topic multitasking.

If you use earthly time management methods you may better cope with the drawbacks of multitasking too.

This free e-book on alternative cut down time management aspects can help you to step into new ways to cope with the task overload in your profession.

It should alleviate your stressful working days, and I am glad if it can raise your well-being a little. Some extracts from my e-book TAO Timing (Task Organizing Time Management) are included at special chapters providing more insight into the topic. At the same time, you get a foretaste of this even more relaxing time management publication.

What does it mean "easy and tasking"?
Tasks are the engine of your work. Without tasks, you cannot act. The way you act on your duties - the fuel - is directly related to your success and your well being. A bad procedure performing the things you have to do can cause a tremendous amount of stress at work. Using the most suitable methods, you can keep threats from bad task control low.

The intended simple way within the e-book not at all does mean, the tasks are effortless. Simple should be the way to control a lot of pending tasks. On a special page I present the quite compact concept of "time management by interrogative pronouns".

The center phase of this concept explains the importance of the clever task handling as the top criterion of an effective time management. The content of the e-book wants to draw a picture of an ideal time management system.

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