Time management errors and misunderstandings

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Showing some time management errors can avoid mistakes, confusion and misunderstanding, and focuses on knowledge, that really can help you to save time.

From putting together the single ideas of definition of time and management in the previous pages you could see, there are only a few activities and objects involved:

Time and sequence, action, know how, location, actors (customers, workers), goal – or why, when, what, how, where and with whom.

Time management tools are not time management. Categorizing and elaborated prioritizing are artificial constructs for specialized cases.

Prioritizing is not planning,it is assuring work steps in the right order of importance. These work steps must not necessarily be planned.

Planning is assuring things are put together in a useful manner, anduses time management.Therefore, I doubt, it is the right attitude to say “plan your workday", or “plan your week” and to equate it with time management.

Planning in comparison to prioritizing means to compose a wholeness from parts that have to fit together and starts from first sketching a plan to reach a specific result.

The timeframe is important later, whereas prioritizing is drawing a path with elements, that not necessarily are visible parts of a wholeness (or a plan).

Time management requires permanent orientation and course correction to reach a goal (as small as it might be, - to finish a working day without blemishes for example). It is a highly dynamic process.

Premises for time management are not time management too. Goal setting is goal setting, overcoming procrastination is an issue of self development but not managing time.

Self help requirements, e.g. fighting procrastination, cannot easily be solved by plain advice. There are often deeper and besetting psychological hurdles involved. You cannot fight a deeper deficit with “do this, do that”, we are normally no miracle healers.

An attempt of sketching a time management system may show a clearer picture and help to avoid time management misunderstandings.

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