Workplace-stress is a key problem

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Work related stress as pointed out below, has many possible sources but is a main function of insufficient time to perform demanded tasks.

"Harmful physical and emotional response that occurs when there is a poor match between job demands and the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker.

Common workplace stress causing issues directly or indirectly related to time are:

  • Missed dates
  • excessive workload
  • lost information
  • forgotten and vanished tasks
  • Missing to fulfill what is expected and much more.

– may depend on insufficient time management. Partially, due to real or imagined demand to deal with office odds and ends and not able to focus on things that pay off or contribute to a wanted result.

Knowing permanently in the back of your mind to have to finish an important task but being forced to react to interruptions, or thinking you have to do urgent things first and missing a visible sketch of your duties is a real and frequent stressful scenario.
It can be weakened by having a “micro Plan” for the next hours, as todo-list, calendar or PC based tools. However, which tool is sufficiently efficient and when will be covered later.

Helpful Continuative Information

Stress relieving resources are various books too, see Time Management Articles and Books. Here you find some books directly dealing with time management. Some contain mind calming wisdom. The reading activity alone can lower a stress level, if you can manage some free time to spend with a book.

Maybe any other book with self help content will provide the same. Try it if you can arrange it. Reading can push you into another world, from where you see your workplace stress out of another angle of view.

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